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Poo Goodies

Photo Frame

₹‎ 599.00
What better way to bring fun to your bathroom than with this hot seat? If one accessory can change the whole decor of a room, it's this!




Photo Frame

₹‎ 599.00
Transform your bathroom into an artsy experience with this durable photo frame and a crafty pun by Shakespooaere



Photo Frame

₹‎ 599.00
A durable photo frame featuring Baby Yoda holding up a jet spray, is sometimes all the morning motivation you need.




Travel pouch

₹‎ 349.00
Your one true travel buddy for when you want to explore the wilderness and fit your everyday necessities in style


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Siddhant Gandhi


I am a finicky person when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness. I have tried many products but have never really been satisfied with their performance. I came across the options from Smeltt and decided to give them a shot and I am glad I did. Its one of a kind product which is very different to use, from all the options available in the market today. And the fragrance is quite natural and soothing. Would totally recommend it.Read more

Gauri Dhuri


Loved the product! The 5 pm Floral works flawlessly. With effectively eliminating all bad odour and giving an amazing experience, I am never going to use air fresheners ever again. Highly recommended to use the product!!

Aishwariya Sujesh


Amazing product!! The fragrance is super soothing. I always found bathroom freshness too strong for the first few days and they almost died down after that but Smellt offers the perfect balance of freshness while not giving me a headache. I cannot wait to carry this saviour to all the TGIF nights and not have to dread the unlimited washroom visits.Read more


How long does it take for Smeltt to ship?

We typically take 5-7 business days to ship. Should you have an immediate need, please reach out to care@smeltt.com and our team will see how we can help.

Is the photoframe waterproof?

Yes, our photoframes use water resistant materials including a ply back with a thin film of plastic for extra durability. So splash all you want!

How are the bags eco-friendly?

We use 100% cotton canvas and nothing else. Apart from the zip on travel pouch, everything else is biodegradable!

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