‘Khushboo’ () is an arabic word which means fragrance. It is considered as a unique way to remember someone by. Our brand was created with the sole purpose of solving your smelly toilet situations and bring khushboo to you. We, at Smeltt, are making sure that your washroom is inviting not just because how clean it looks but because of how amazing it smells. With the focus on revolutionizing toilet hygiene with pleasant odour, we have upped the game by introducing travel friendly products for you to poo in peace wherever you go.


Your search for the most natural toilet freshener ends here. Smeltt is India’s 1st Toilet spray with natural essential oils! Unlike most bathroom fresheners, our fragrances are not chemically synthesised which makes it 100% safe to inhale on repeated use. With IFRA (International Fragrance Association) certified fragrances, we bring to you a carefully crafted natural solution for the biggest natural stinky problem. Time to experience the goodness of nature in your washroom.


We have read almost every review on your problems with current bathroom odour eliminators be it air fresheners or freshener blocks. We know that these existing solutions don’t last as long or use overpowering synthetic fragrances which could be harmful to you on frequent use. At the same time, none of them are equipped to save you from embarrasing situations outside your house. But we have taken care of it all without harming the environment, you, or your washroom.


We are a bunch of passionate people dreaming about toilet odour more than an average person. This also means we spend unhealthy amount of time in washrooms, testing our products or just finding an excuse to use them. When we are not working, we are finding what to watch next or sharing memes on social media, mostly on poo and smell! God help us.

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