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Are there any side effects of the product?
No, we use naturally derived ingredients. There are no side effects of the products while inhaling or on skin. It's good for you and your toilet pot.

How does Smeltt work?
When you spray Smeltt before you go to poo, it creates a magical shield that traps all the ugly stinky odor in water. Protecting you from a smelly experience and upon flushing it releases rainbows and butterflies. We mean the smell of everything good!

Is Smeltt harmful to my toilet, septic tank and plumbing system?
With our naturally derived ingredients, it just might be the best thing that happened to your plumbing system. You want to know a secret? It has less chemicals than your shampoo and body wash.

Is it skin friendly? Can I use it directly on my bum?
It won’t harm your skin in any way. But this does not mean that you use it on your bum. It works best on water, not your bum!

How is Smeltt natural?
Unlike most bathroom fresheners which use synthetic chemicals and fragrances which could lead to allergic reactions and should not be inhaled regularly, Smeltt fragrances uses only natural extracts and essential oils to fight those stinky monsters.

We also use stabilisers which are naturally derived and biodegradable. Without this, the solution will be break into not so fragrant particles. Smeltt products contain no alcohol, no hidden harmful chemicals, and all fragrances are IFRA certified.

Where are Smeltt products manufactured?
We are proud to say that we source and manufacture in India for Indians.

So, what’s in your toilet spray formula?
Our each ingredient is carefully selected to make sure you don’t ever smell the stinky boo boo ever again. This includes natural essential oils, a super secret agent, naturally derived stabilisers, and food preservatives (they were the safest we could find). There are no parabens, phthalates, alcohol or harmful chemicals.

Can I use the toilet spray as an air freshener?
Yes, you can. It will release a pleasant fragrance when diffused in air but will not last as long. Smeltt works best with water and eliminate the smell at the source so you don't need to use an air freshener in the washroom at all.

Is there a shelf life for Smeltt Toilet Sprays?
Yes, best use before 24 months.


How long does it take for Smeltt to ship?
We ship within 1-2 business days, it will reach you within 5-7 days depending on your location. Should you have an immediate need, please reach out to and our team will try to get your order to you super fast, even if it means they have to walk to your place.

How much does shipping and handling cost?
We offer free shipping for orders above Rs. 200. For orders below that amount, we charge Rs. 39 for shipping.

Do you offer cash on delivery?
Yes, we do.

Cancellation and Refunds

What is your return and refund policy?
We’d be sorry to see that we could not give you a pleasant and odour free experience. You can ship your product, which should be in a non-damanged state, back to us and we’ll initiate the refund right away which would be credited to you within 7 days. To initiate this process, write to us at

What if the item I receive is damaged or defective?
We’re extremely sorry about the unpleasant experience you had to go through. In case this happens or has happened, do reach out to our team at

What is your order cancellation policy?
Cancellation is permitted only if the order has not been shipped. To do so please reach out to us at We revert within 24-36 hours.

What can I do if I cancel the order and don’t receive a refund?
In such a situation, do reach out to us at and we will do our best to rectify the issue ASAP.

Still have a question?
You can reach out to us at, we'll be happy to chat.

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