Eshita Shukla


It’s one of the unique products that I have come across, it is an oil based spray that never lets the toilet stink as it neutralises the odour at the source itself. It is super easy to carry in a handbag, my favourite is the 11 pm woody, it has a light musky smell

Kanika Vermani


The finest product range in terms of longevity and non-chemical nature which are available in the market. Considering the fact that I have used multiple products earlier which were nothing but a waste of money, these cruelty-free products are worth buying as they have natural essential oils and yes, they just ‘smell’ amazing! Read more

Kartikeya Vyas


Now that I’ve tried Smeltt for myself - I am very impressed with how great the product works, a 100 times better than ordinary air fresheners. Just 3-4 sprays of this before you use your bathroom or any public washroom, and It absolutely prevents the foul smell (not mix the smell like many air freshener sprays do). Great for travelling and gatherings at home. I would recommend everyone to try this amazing product.Read more