Pre-Poop Toilet Spray for stink-free loo

Fights odour in washroom with natural ingredients and essential oils. Spray into the pot before you poo, neutralise odour and leave behind only amazing smelling loo

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India's cleanest room freshener is here!

get a fresh start everyday with 5 exciting and fun scents
made from naturally derived ingredients. stormy, happy, warm, peachy or blossomy, choose what you want to feel today!

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aquatic fresh

₹‎ 399.00
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cinnamon + vanilla

₹‎ 399.00
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Patchouli + Vetiver + Petitgrain

₹‎ 180.00

Lavender + Strawberry

₹‎ 159.00

Love this one! Simply amazing, it's quite efwfective and does the ork


7 am Citrus

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Sweet and tasty smell. I use it in the morning while getting ready.

Dhriti Patel

Banana Pudding Candle

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It smells really good and lasts for a long time. Caffeine is my favorite!


1 am Caffeine

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Never came across something better than this, the fragrance is long lasting and very effective


All day Pack

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Not only my washroom but the entire living room is smells like even

Kaveri Mukherjee

All Nighter Pack

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