What makes it different?

smeltt toilet spray air freshner blocks/spray
100% natural fragrance Natural 100% chemically synthesized fragrance
eliminates odour at pot level Odour elimination produces over powering smell and only mask the smell
no phthalates and toxic chemicals Odour elimination toxic and hazardous chemicals including phthalates
0% cfc and propellant-free Use of Propellant use of Harmful propellant
safe for young humans and pets Safe Application not safe for kids and pets
Naturally-derived safe ingredients Use of Chemicals Toxic and Hazardous ingredients

For amazing daily poo experience

Travel friendly pack
for stress-free getaways

No embarrassing smells
on date nights

Social gatherings without waiting inside toilets

Share your washroom,
not smells

No more smelly potty trainings

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Are there any side effects of the Product?

No, we use naturally derived ingredients. There are no side effects of the products while inhaling or on skin. It's good for you and your toilet pot.

Is Smeltt harmful to my toilet, septic tank and plumbing system?

With our naturally derived ingredients, it just might be the best thing that happened to your plumbing system. You want to know a secret? It has less chemicals than most shampoos and shower gels (DEFINITELY less than toilet cleaners)

Is it skin friendly? Can I use it directly on my bum?

It won’t harm your skin in any way. But this does not mean that you use it on your bum. It works best on water, not your bum!

Can I use the toilet spray for an air freshener?

Yes, you can. It will release a pleasant fragrance when diffused in air but will not last as long. Smeltt works best with water and eliminate the smell at the source so you don't need to use an air freshener in the washroom at all.

Does it work with Indian style toilets?

Yes, it does. However, since the depth of water surface in Indian style toilets is more it, might be take time for the fragrance to spread completely in the bathroom.