so unique and fresh

in love with stormy sea, it's so unique and fresh.another favourite fragrance is cinnamon, it's strong and lingered to almost 24 hrs in my room

the bottle is really handy unlike those heavy tin cans

eshita shukla for stormy sea and warm cinnamon, 25th April 2022

Awesome Product

The products are as mentioned natural ingredients good lasting scent. What an 💡 🤔

Bindujayadevan for all day pack, 14th March 2022

A must have for your bathroom

True to its name the sprays are indeed long staying- 'all day'...makes the bathroom smell fresh the entire day...and the best part about this product is it comes in 3 different fragrance, each amazing. This is a must buy if you want your bathroom to smell refreshing all through the day (and night)!!!

Sanghamitra Barua for all day pack, 20 feb 2022

Didn't think it would work

I honesltly didn't think it would work but it does and leaves a good smell, 100% recommend

Bhutani for 7 am citrus, 2 Jan 2022

Perfect for bathroom

I can't go to the washroom without it, it leaves a very good fragrance! Totally worth it!

Ankita Jain for 7 am citrus, 09 Dec 2021

Fresh and long-lasting

It lasts for a long time, buy it!

Jasmine for 7 am Citrus, 11 Nov 2021

superb product

Really happy to purchase and even I gifted to my sister and we are really happy for smeltt

merina verghese for all day pack and all nighter pack, 27th jan 2022

Liked it

Really great

Ranveer Singh Nijjar for 7 am Citrus, 17 Oct 2021


it's really good and smells nice

akriti for stormy sea room spray, 24 April 2022

Long lasting

Never came across something better than this, the fragrance is long lasting and very effective

Manj via website, 10 Aug 2021

Absolutely fantastic product value for money the fragrance is long lasting and keeps the bathroom smelling fresh and good

M. Mujahid Ali Baig via website, 08 Aug 2021

Mind blowing

Not only my washroom but the entire living room is smells like even

Kaveri Mukherjee via website, 06 Aug 2021

Amazing products

I had used you products and we'll satisfied, products are really very good.. and now I want to refer my friends and to known people.

Ramesh Marwah via website, 06 August 2021

Yes it has lovely fragrance upto 4hours. Nice fragrance . Must buy.

Handy pack to carry with. Loved the smell of both citrus and floral. Must buy. Value for money. It's working within a minute of spraying.. last long for upto 4hour.

sangeeta for all nighter pack, 18 july 2022


 I purchased this after reading a lot of reviews and I have to admit, it was the best decision ever. I bought the pack of 3 and love all of the smells however my personal favourites would be woody and citrus. The smell lasts quite a long time.

Juhi Singh via website, 09 June 2021


Absolutely good shit and genius idea!!

Kavitha Bhat via website, 27 May 2021

Top Notch Product!

Value for money, natural ingredient, long lasting fragrance and the list goes on and on, most importantly solves the purpose and tackles the problem head on, bathroom experience has significantly improved and so is the time. Bought for the sole purpose of trying, but loved it so much that I will be a repeated customer for a long time, even thinking about buying for my extended family members. Highly highle recommended, just give it a shot and you will really appreciate it the moment it arrives and you use for the first time.

Kartik Wadhwa via website, 30 Apr 2021

No BS here! Just fragrant loos!

I have been using Smeltt Caffeine for a week. Been in absolute love with the product because it just works on making the sh*tty business refreshing. If you're one bearing the abuse of smelly odours while on your relief mission, Smeltt should be the weapon of your choice.

Abdullah Parkar via website, 05 Feb 2021

Great product must buy

I ordered the product last week in order to try it but I am really awestruck with the product .. great packaging, superb essence. Real value for money 

Kushal Pratap via website, 11 Jan 2021

Nice Travel Friendly Product

Great quality toilet spray with amazing varieties of fragrances. It’s quite travel friendly with attractive and convenient packaging. Great initiative in the hygiene industry. Must try for everyone. Looking forward to use more of your products.

Prasanna Jain via website, 31 Dec 2020


It’s one of the unique products that I have come across, it is an oil based spray that never lets the toilet stink as it neutralises the odour at the source itself. It is super easy to carry in a handbag, my favourite is the 11 pm woody, it has a light musky smell

Eshita Shukla vis whatsapp, 21 Dec 2020


I am a finicky person when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness. I have tried many products but have never really been satisfied with their performance. I came across the options from Smeltt and decided to give them a shot and I am glad I did. Its one of a kind product which is very different to use, from all the options available in the market today. And the fragrance is quite natural and soothing. Would totally recommend it.

Siddhant Gandhi via whatsapp, 21 Dec 2020


Amazing product!! The fragrance is super soothing. I always found bathroom freshness too strong for the first few days and they almost died down after that but Smeltt offers the perfect balance of freshness while not giving me a headache. I cannot wait to carry this saviour to all the TGIF nights and not have to dread the unlimited washroom visits

Aishwariya Sujesh via whatsapp, 21 Dec 2020


Loved the product! The 5 pm Floral works flawlessly. With effectively eliminating all bad odour and giving an amazing experience, I am never going to use air fresheners ever again. Highly recommended to use the product!!

Gauri Dhuri via whatsapp, 21 Dec 2020

Unique and awesome

Nobody expects poop to smell good, but sometimes it’s worse when you or someone else drops the stink bomb in a public restroom or at a friend’s party when people are lining up to use the restroom. Thanks to Smeltt for making the job way easier with this useful and unique product in India. Smeltt uses natural compounds and essential oils to trap odours so they never leave the toilet bowl. It's almost magical. I highly recommend Smeltt as their products really leave behind a pleasant fragrance.

Yashi Tandon via website, 20 Dec 2020


As a first time website visitor, I was puzzled by the need for Smeltt’s products in my daily routine. But like all first time users, I have been pleasantly surprised at how I never realised the importance of bathroom fragrance in everyday life before using Smeltt!

Smeltt’s 1 am Caffeine is a real game changer and definitely my favourite fragrance out of the pack. The organic essential oils are not only a soothing fragrance but also ease all concerns I face with other bathroom products that are riddled with artificial ingredients.

After using it for myself, I have recommended Smeltt’s products to my friends and family, and I highly recommend first time visitors to see the impact it can have in your bathrooms as well!

Gurtegh Mangat via whatsapp, 20 Dec 2020


The finest product range in terms of longevity and non-chemical nature which are available in the market. Considering the fact that I have used multiple products earlier which were nothing but a waste of money, these cruelty-free products are worth buying as they have natural essential oils and yes, they just ‘smell’ amazing!

Kanika Virmani via whatsapp, 20 Dec 2020


Now that I’ve tried Smeltt for myself - I am very impressed with how great the product works, a 100 times better than ordinary air fresheners. Just 3-4 sprays of this before you use your bathroom or any public washroom, and It absolutely prevents the foul smell (not mix the smell like many air freshener sprays do). Great for travelling and gatherings at home. I would recommend everyone to try this amazing product.

Kartikeya Vyas via whatsapp, 20 Dec 2020