Decorate your home with fragrance this Diwali

Decorate your home with fragrance this Diwali
Vasudha Sharma

Knock- knock… who’s there? Cold and windy season with all the festivities which will brighten up your home and mind. And, yes, it’s Diwali, we know it is gonna be awesome!! Now, you very well know the to-dos of Diwali. Decorating home beautifully with lights, clay Diya to celebrate it with full of lights and energy.

But how about spreading some sweet aroma along with bright lights this Diwali? Sounds impressive, right? So, if you have started the preparation for Diwali but yet you have not decided on the fragrance, we have the solution. We are here with some fragrance tips that you can add up to celebrate not only the bright Diwali but also an aromatic one. So, stick to the end of this article; we have a delightful surprise for you.


Lemony citrus

The frosty and citrusy charm of lemon would be a great option to add a fresh aroma to your living area this Diwali. Decorate your corner with marigold petals around the candle, while lighting it will give an optimistic yellow shine. So, if you are the one who loves sharp and citrusy fragrances, this fragrance might be the right option for you.

Fruity watermelon

Choose a fresh, tutti-fruity fragrance of watermelon to give you a good vibe of your summer beach vacation this winter. The reddish-pink colour and juicy smell of freshly sliced watermelon will be the best pair for your Diwali celebration. Light the candle in the middle of beautiful pinkish rangoli, and it will melt by throwing the strong aroma into your whole room.


Banana treat

Known for lights and flowers, Diwali is also a festival of sweets and dessert. What if you have that sweet, creamy fragrance along with sweets? Banana pudding is the one that will fill your area with the aroma of authentic banana pudding dessert. Its smell will make you skip your dinner and jump directly to sweets.


Floral rose

Use it as a potpourri or scented candle, and it will always fill a romantic and aesthetic charm to your room. Its classic sweetness is something that will give complete magic. Adding it to your rangolis and lighting will provide a refreshing and energizing feel.

Surprise from smeltt
So, we have talked a lot about the fragrances that you can add up with your rangoli and lights. Now, without any delay, let’s take you to the surprise that Smeltt has for you. Boom!!! This Diwali season, Smeltt is going to launch scented candles for you to make your celebrations full of charms. Diwali schedules can drain your energy, be it arrangements or the environment. So, light your favourite fragrance and freshen up your area, and make your Diwali a perfect and eco-friendly Diwali.

Happy and Healthy pooping!