how to create a productive work-from-home environment?

how to create a productive work-from-home environment?
Krunal Gode

Have you ever found yourself questioning your productivity? Being stressed and anxious due to work from home? While it may get difficult to stay motivated all the time, sometimes a few changes in work environment can improve overall productivity.


Here are some tips to convert your home into a productivity powerhouse so that you can give your best as always:



1. Have a dedicated work table

Creating a separate space that is office-like helps you to mentally separate your personal life from distracting, even at home. When you sit at that table your mind automatically switches to productive mode because it is habitual to work in this environment and stops you from slipping to comfort mid-day (did someone say bed?). Set it up with office essentials and a to-do list to keep track of tasks. This small change will improve your productivity drastically.





2. Keep it as quiet as possible

It's easy to get distracted by the noise of activities around the house. Quiet places help you to remain focused at the task at hand and think clearly. Playing music or white noise may do the trick as long as one is used to working with that. The thought remains the same, eliminate the interruptions during your working hours.





3. Keep it smelling nice

Fragrances help to soothe the mind and help you in feeling fresh. Researchers found out that there is a link between fragrance and productivity. A nice smell helps in boosting creativity and increases alertness. Use smeltt room fresheners to make your room smell nice, naturally.  





4. Lighting and organised home

This tip applies in the broader sense as we consider the whole house lighting affects the mood and also the focus. The more properly lit equals more alertness. Have a well-lit work table that is organised. Researchers have shown that an organised space helps release stress while soothing your mind. The more you are at peace the more focused you are.





A dedicated routine and well equipped home-office are equally essential to make sure, you make the most of your workday. We hope the above tips help in boosting your productivity while working remotely!