5 Important Things to look for in your Washroom Fragrance

5 Important Things to look for in your Washroom Fragrance
Shubhi Mangla
Lighting a match, turning on the bathroom air fan, or household sprays have all had their place in concealing the bathrooms. Look for these 5 features the next time you shop a washroom fragrance.

Some say that the best smell that a washroom could have is no smell at all, and indeed, that’s a goal that keeps eluding so many hygiene-conscious homeowners. But why? Simply because your washroom fragrance is not effective or so overpowering that it gives you the most unwanted problem- a morning headache!?

Your washroom fragrance might be the one thing that takes a toll on your health but of course gets unnoticed, unblamed and totally neglected. But how to get rid of bad bathroom odours naturally and safely? Well, we don’t have to go into many details to tell you that your washroom is a place where a lot of smelly activities and materials meet, but nature calls and we all gotta deal with it.


1. Your washroom fragrance should kill odour at the source

Pretty much every air freshener or block is meant to cover up that stinky No.2! But does covering help? Instead of eliminating the stink altogether, they end up accumulating into a low-hanging cloud of rice bowls and the instant noodles from lunch.

Before poo toilet sprays are the best way to kills those ugly poopy clouds as and when they release. Instead of sprays that float in the air among all the poopy particles, these toilet sprays focus on the source: the toilet bowl and trap them at right there.

2. MUST contain natural fragrance components

You shouldn't be breathing the same stuff that goes into your home cleaning products! As gross as it sounds, with many synthetic washroom fragrances it's actually true. What you (and your washroom) need is a blend of natural ingredients like fruits and natural essential oils that royally crown your unneeded leftovers. Besides, who doesn't need a touch of calmness and relaxation while doing the deed?

3. Should be 100% safe to inhale

When it comes to washroom fragrance are you aware of what you're really breathing in? This might seem a little over the counter, but remember the time when your newly unpacked freshener block gave you a headache. Synthetic washroom fragrances are associated with a number of respiratory problems you wouldn't want to welcome home.

Could there be a better option that not only works better but is better for you and your families health? Yes, you should look for IFRA (International Fragrance Association) certified fragrances to ensure that you are breathing safe even while pooping.

4. Could easily be tossed into your bag

Seems strange? Don't worry, we won't ask for you to carry an air spray or freshener block wherever you go. However, what if we say, there's a way you can poop in a pleasant-smelling washroom wherever you go!

Washroom fragrances such as before poo toilet sprays can easily be your poop buddy due to their travel-friendly packaging. That means, you always have someone who could save you from stinky public washrooms and poop odour-free!

5. It's a fragrance, and should solve multiple problems

Think about it, your washroom fragrance is a fragrance and why should it be limited to your washroom? Sure, you'd want your washroom fragrance to eliminate the odour of your cat's stinky business. How about a natural bath soak that'll transform your washroom into a luxury spa?


We'd say its a bit too much to expect, but only when you're using chemically composed washroom fragrance. Toilet sprays such as Smeltt, could solve all these purposes and make your life truly aromatic!

 The next you browse through a pot-load of washroom fragrances, make sure that your choice fits the criteria because when it comes to your family's safety, nothing is too much or too little!