7 simple ways to transform your washroom

7 simple ways to transform your washroom
Kirandeep Chahal

2020 made sure that we all are getting obsessed with cleaning and maintaining a hygienic environment. From baking banana breads to discovering new skills online, the lockdown has given us a lot of spare time to work on refreshing projects. Knowing how overlooked bathroom decor and hygiene is, Smeltt couldn't help but think how desperately your bathroom might need a little love right now.



My bathroom is big but it looks small. Sounds familiar? Time to throw away those thousand tiny (nearly) empty bottles of skin and hair products! No need to feel guilty, arrange them on shelves and wooden organizers to create more space and fetch a brand new look.



Put In Some Fresh Scents

Citrusy fragrances like orange or lemon eliminate odour naturally. Try introducing natural fragrances through scented candles, diffusers, herbal soaps, room fresheners, or just use the all in one Smeltt spray to upgrade your bathroom hygiene by making it smell good!



Add Multi-Purpose Storages

Placing fancy or neutral-coloured storage baskets, wall blocks shelves, over-the-toilet units will help to keep clutter at bay, or will at least disguise it in between deep cleans. Storage boxes and shelves will make a huge difference in your space.

Source: popsugar.com


Place some plants

Become a member of one of the hottest home decor trends which is not only just pleasing to the eye but also has great health benefits. Add a vibrant touch to your bathroom by throwing in a Boston Fern, Bamboo or even a Cast Iron plant. These plants need humidity to grow, have a meditative effect and are easily available anywhere. For some creative punch, hang them from the wall or fill a corner of the room.


# 5

Throw some art on the walls

Looking for a budget-conscious makeover option? Put on an exquisite mirror over your washbasin wall. These mirrors are easily available online. Go for chic LED mirror frames or a Hollywood style vanity mirror with bulbs for perfect selfie clicking!

To uplift the vibe, even more, you can hang some affordable framed prints or beautiful art pieces that won’t mind a little humidity here and there.

source: amazonaws.com



Go back in time

Try giving your washroom that earthy vintage vibe that you always wanted without burning a hole in your pocket. With a little creativity in your mind, head to your nearest flea market and turn your finds into simple DIY storages or just reuse your home furniture - an old dresser for extra towels and toiletries; wire baskets, glass apothecary jars, and antique jewelry boxes for storing toilet paper rolls,  and small items like cotton balls, other valuables respectively.



Bored of old Bathroom tiles?

Make bathing safer again and at the same time rise out of the monotony of plain tiles. Look for some eye-catching or fun bathroom curtains and mats. There are tons of trendy design options available; small purchases can make a huge difference to your space. Remember, rugs and mats should be durable and quick to dry.


There is no such list that can suffice the options of redecorating and redesigning bathrooms. Use your creative bones to make things happen in their unique ways. Let your brain and hands do the work without losing the sight of your wallet.

After all, Toilet Ek Prem Katha is not without reason! It’s not just another space in your house, it’s a place where you spend your mornings scrolling, preparing, wandering, brainstorming, or simply rejuvenating. It’s a space that speaks about you more than your entire house. It’s time you make it happening!